[…] depression has nothing to do with who you are, how much you earn, how popular or famous, unpopular or unknown, you are. It just is. Like cancer is. Like asthma is. Like diabetes is. Some people get it, some people don’t. It is an illness, a truly horrible illness, and must be viewed and treated as such. —Alastair Campbell
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That’s it. That’s the scene.

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I should have stayed in that cave with Ygritte. If there was a life beyond this one, he hoped to tell her that.
for Emma

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Paris Night&Day by A labgraph

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Game of Thrones deaths in 8-bits

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"I love the sense that the object is in the frame with the actors, I think that gives you a level of interaction and connection that you don’t get when you do work against green screen." - Joe Cornish

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"That’s a woman for you. One day she’s kissing you, the next she’s filling you with arrows. That hair she had. Well, the hottest fires burn out quickest. To Ygritte, kissed by fire!

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